I am a media artist working in photography, video, installation and performance. As an integral part of mass culture, video art allows giving voice to those marginalized by the elite that dominates in the reproduction of identity. When presented on the screen, those on the margins of society build a discourse against the dominant hegemon in society. Svetlana Slapšak – one of the most prominent scholars on gender from the former Yugoslavia – claims that “universal knowledge in which women’s voices are absent has no epistemological validity”. I, therefore, want to draw wide attention to the impossible situation for women who were sexually abused in the last Yugoslav wars and who were then invisible in the post-war cultural, social and political space.


CONTACT: jamiehadrovic@gmail.com



2017 PhD scholar at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT.
2016 MA, Time-based Media, the University of Art and Industrial Design, AT.
2012 BSc. Culture and Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska, SI.
2011 METU, Philosophy Department, Study Exchange, TR.


2021 Fem-Queer Funding Pool, Gender studies research promotion, Vienna, AT.

2020 PhD research grant, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT.
2019 Student Union Project Funding, Kulturreferat, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, AT.
2018 Förderungspreise der Stadt Wien – Bildende Kunst, Wien, AT.
2018 OHO Young Visual Artist Award Nomination, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, Ljubljana, SI.
2018 Wohn – und Atelierstipendium Transleithanien Foundation, Vienna, AT.
2017 Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia, Scholarship for Specialized Profession in Culture, SI.
2017 KulturKontakt and Austrian Chancellery, Vienna, AT.
2017 Best Photography Award for Zahida is a Feminist at CARAVAN NEXT, Maribor, SI.
2017 Project grant, University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Linz, AT.
2016 Grant for Excellent Study Achievements, the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Linz, AT.
2016 Digital Big Screen, International award for second best video Crossing Borders, Trbovlje, SI.
2016 Project grant Trbovlje New Media for photography series Zahida is a Feminist, SI.
2015 Project grant KIBLIX for Chastity Belt, Maribor, SI.
2013 Scholarship grant Trbovlje New Media Setting, Trbovlje, SI.


2020 Unveiling the Silence, International Feminist, and Queer Festival Red Dawns. March, Ljubljana, SI.
2020 Chimney Sweeping, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Curated by Sanja Kojić Mladenov and Tijana Filipov Mezei, February, Novi Sad, SR.
2019 Walk A Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes, Curated by Marina Gržinić, Nova Galerija DDT, May, Trbovlje, SI.
2019 Begajeta, Safeta, Đejmi, Zahida, Camera Gallery, Curated by Urška Aplinc, Kino Šiška, January, Ljubljana, SI.
2018 Sexing The Border, Independent Space Index, October, Vienna, AT.
2018 Sexing The Border, Kulturdrogerie, curated by Markus Hiesleitner, September, Vienna, AT.


2021 FEMKANJE, Spaces of Togetherness, Cultural Centre Belgrade, Curated by Bojana Knežević and Katarina Petrović, January-March, SR.

2020 STAY AWAKE – Jugend bleib wach, curated by Monika Andrassik, Initiative Raumschiff, September, Linz, AT.
2020 ULAY FOUNDATION PROJECT SPACE, organized by Hana Ostan Ožbolt, July, Ljubljana, SI.
2019 Diving In: An Inquiry into Imagery, Memphis gallery, curated by Anamarija Batista, November, Linz, AT.
2019 Poziv Simulaker 37, Galerija Simulaker, November, Novo Mesto, SI.
2019 U3 TRIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN SLOVENIA. Curated by Vit Havránek, MG+MU, October, Ljubljana, SI.
2019 City of Women: Živela! 25 year of Slovenian cinema and video, gallery Alkatraz, September, Ljubljana, SI.
2019 Group Performance, “Rocking Chairs”, Curated by Živa Kleindienst, Fotopub Festival, August, Novo Mesto, SI.
2019 31-day online gallery with artworks by Ex-Yugoslavian artists living in diaspora, curated by Tijana Mišković.
2019 Fear of Duality, Space 107, Curated by Mika Maruyama, June, Vienna, AT.
2019 Intervention, Action against Polish Censorship, Kunsthalle Vienna’s Skulpturenplatz and Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier, May, Wien, AT.
2019 Kunsthalle Vienna’s Skulpturenplatz and Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier “BITTE SEIEN SIE ACHTSAM. ANDERE BRAUCHEN IHREN KARLSPLATZ VIELLEICHT NOTWENDIGER.” May, Vienna, AT.
2018 OHO Young Visual Artist Award, Gallery P74, Ljubljana, May, SI.
2018 EUROVIDEO Theatre de Liege, March, BE.
2017 Performance AUTOPORTRAIT and video screenings, NYTE 3H+K gallery, Pori, December, FIN.
2017 Billboard Installation, du oder ich? collective soul – Ethik des miteinanders, curated by Ursula Maria Probst, June, Melk, AT.
2017 Sound and Space vol. 5, KAPU, May, Linz, AT.
2017 Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje MAO, Ljubljana, May, SI.
2017 Transcultural Emancipation – Billboard Installation, Ursula Maria Probst, FLUC, March, Vienna, AT.
2017 CARAVAN NEXT, KIBLA, February, Maribor, SI.
2016 Body, Sound and Space vol. 4, KAPU, May, Linz, AT.
2016 Artefatto, Poli di aggregazione giovanile, May, Trieste, IT.
2016 Paraflows XI IDENTITY, Kunstforum Wien, MuseumsQuartier, September, Wien, AT.
2016 BEST OFF 2016, Offenes Kulturhaus, March, Linz, AT.
2015 Kiblix, KIBLA, Multimedia Centre, October, Maribor, SI.
2012 Speculum Artium – Trbovlje New Media Setting, Trbovlje, April, SI.


2020 Third Space Project, November, Helsinki, FIN.
2020 Outlandish Theathre Platform and WoW Group, Stara mestna Elektrarna, City of Women, september, Ljubljana, SI.
2019 International Video Festival at Third Space Gallery, Curated by Sepideh Rahaa, October, Helsinki, FIN.
2019 Festival of Contemporary Art, Galerija Reflektor, UVUU, August, Užice, SR.
2018 International FilmFest Kranjska Gora, August, SI.
2017 Digital Big Screen, TNM, Speculum Artium, September, Trbovlje, SI.
2017 Open Screen at Selma Selman, July, Bihać/Ružice, BA.
2017 Youth Exchange Training Programme, May, Guimarães, PT.
2017 PLANO NACIONAL DE CINEMA, April, Amarante, PT.
2017 Sarajevska Zima Amfiteatar / IUS gallery, January, Sarajevo, BIH.
2016 Centrum Kultury Lublinie, November, Lublin, PL.
2016 Digital Big Screen, Speculum Artium, Oktober, Trbovlje, SI.
2016 Centrum Kultury Lublinie, April, PL.
2016 Kinophilia, Offenes Kulturhaus, Movimento, April, Linz, AT.


2020 CITY OF WOMEN, September, Ljubljana, SI.
2020 Arkabarka, February, Belgrade, SR.
2020 MSUV- Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Risk Change, February, Novi Sad, SR.
2018 Kulturdrogerie, Summer Atelier Residency, September, Vienna, AT.
2018 Selected but not attended at NCCA, St. Petersburg, March, RU.
2017 Kaliska Residency, Kaliska, September, PL.
2017 KulturKontakt and Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna, AT.


2020 Cultural Center Magacin, Organized by Kyungrim Lim Jang, February, Belgrade, SR.
2020 Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Organized by Dr. Bojana Knežević, February, Novi Sad, SR.
2019 The University of Iceland, School of Social Science Rejkyavik, Organised by Prof. Kristín Loftsdótti, May, ISL.
2017 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, organized by prof. Dr. Marina Gržinić, March, Vienna, AT.
2017 KulturKontakt and Austrian Chancellery, January, Vienna, AT.


2019 Nesting the Post-Colony in the Balkan(s); Critical Inventory: Towards a Methodology of Contemporary Art History, Conceived and Organized by Noit Banai and Gregor Pirgie, June 24 – 25, Department of Art History, University of Vienna, AT.
2019 Sexuality and its Manifestation in post-Yugoslav Cinema, organized by Dr. Marina Gržinić, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, PCAP, January, Vienna, AT.


2019 Kuma International Summer School, ON CONTEMPORARY ART FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, July, Sarajevo, BIH.
2018 A Masterclass of Directing and Acting in Front of the Camera with Nenad Dizdarevič, KGIFF, SI.
2018 GoEast Film Festival, Oppose Othering, Wiesbaden, April, DE.


2020 Arkabarka, February, Beograd, SR.
2019 Zahida is a Feminist, Photography Series. Trans-Leithanien Foundation, October, FL.
2019 Crossing Border. DIVA Station – Digital Video Archive, SCCA, Ljubljana, June, SI.
2019 All About The Veil. DIVA Station – Digital Video Archive, SCCA, Ljubljana, June, SI
2019 Silent Observer. DIVA Station – Digital Video Archive, SCCA, Ljubljana, June, SI.


2020 Social Art Award Book, Berlin, DE.
2019 Who’s art for? Art workers against exploitation, Impasse, December, Turin IT.